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RCC Air Manifolds

“Go for the flow”

Since 1988 RCC has delivered a premium service to industry globally. RCC’s Air Manifold Division is primarily focused on the manufacture of Air Distribution Manifolds. An ever expanding customer base include leading companies in the Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemical, Bio-medical, Food Processing, Contract Engineering, OEM and Distribution sectors.
RCC continues to work with many of these companies in the development of our products. Innovation is one of our key growth strategies. RCC’s goal is to become the premium brand for Air Manifolds to the markets we service. Achieving this ambition is the challenge ahead.

RCC Goal

RCC’s goal is to become the premium brand for Air Manifolds.

Our Vision

Achieving market leadership through innovation and design.

Problem Solvers

Cost effective, custom solutions. Ask our experienced design team.

Customer Support

With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated technical team is available to support our products from project design to final commissioning.


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